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Brett Naucke "Transparency" 7inch

Image of Brett Naucke "Transparency" 7inch


A new 7inch of modular synthesizer & vocal tracks from Brett Naucke. After finishing the Seed Lp, (Spectrum Spools, out spring 2014) Naucke focused on recording his live set up and chopping it down into four condensed songs under 3 minutes to fit the "single-style" format of the 7inch. The results are four very different and controlled bursts of dark minimal rhythms and brooding synths focusing on seance and ritual. Upon first listen it is clear that Transparency is largely different from previously released material we've heard from Naucke, most notably because they are much bigger pieces broken down into 2 minute songs. Above all, this 7inch stands out due to the sheer amount of sonic ground covered in a short format.
This record was recorded live in one evening using only modular synthesizer and vocals and no overdubs in September 2013. Artwork was done by Clay Hickson and printed via Risograph Machine on heavy french cardstock. This marks the 75th release for Catholic Tapes!
Co-released with Notes & Bolts.
Edition of 300