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Fielded "Terrageist" LP Back in Stock!!!!

Image of Fielded "Terrageist" LP         Back in Stock!!!!

$11.50 - On Sale

Second Pressing / Edition of 300
Fielded's debut LP "Terrageist" is back!

For those unfamiliar, Fielded is the enchanting solo work of Lindsay Powell, who is also known for her work in bands like Chicago’s Ga’an & Festival. Without the constrains of formats like cassettes and limited releases, Lindsay comes through with an absolute powerhouse of dreamy, dark, and enchanting songs that will wrap you up in the sonic whirlwind she creates with each track.
With Terrageist, we find Lindsay on a big departure from her earlier releases with a crystal clear and fully realized “big” sound. Recorded in solitude in New Jersey over the spring of 2010, Terrageist boasts a much more eclectic and broad appeal with Lindsay going into some completely unique and unusual territory. Heavily driven by drum machines and impeccable rhythm programming backed with loads of vocal tracks and synthesizers, Lindsay constructs a mini-orchestra all to herself in her unique brand of strange dark pop. While a large chunk of Terrrageist remains driven by the aforementioned rhythmic qualities, the other parts lay ground in layers and layers of deep and vocal tracks and harmonies reminiscent to baroque cantations and haunted church choirs. Somewhere between Kate Bush played backwards in a haunted cathedral and Annie lennox blasted on top of a mountain. Equally dark and foreboding while spiritually exalting. Couldn’t have been more proud of a first lp release for Catholic Tapes and can comfortably say that I am exited about few music endeavors as much as Fielded. Each cover was absolutely beautifully hand Artwork by the lovely Carrie Vinarsky (ex-Coughs, Cacaw, etc) of Mr. City Press here in Chicago. Fold out 11x14 double sided inserts with art & lyrics by Lindsay, with marble vinyl matching the covers. Second Pressing, hand-numbered edition of 300

* Differences in pressings:
* Second pressing was pressed on green splattered vinyl instead of purple
* Same artwork by Carrie Vinarski, but with paste on covers instead of the screen printed originals.
*Comes with a free digital download, and additional insert to the lyric sleeve