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Positive Shadow - "Replication Slave"

Image of Positive Shadow - "Replication Slave"


Finally, the first proper release of what has become one of Chicago’s most favorable synth acts; Positive Shadow. While Henry Glover has released a few limited releases in the past couple years, none have had the drive and focus that his most recent moniker P.S has had. Replicant Slave is a driving, three-track industrial suite of booming sequenced rythyms with some serious grit and sinister overtones. Perfect music for some late night head-spinning drives or the soundtrack to your favorite cyberpunk film. Modular rhythms, sass-vox, and insane-o mono-synth lines make up this wonderful release guaranteed to blast your cassette deck over n over. Highly recommended, look out for more from Positive Shadow very soon! Full color inserts, professionally printed on heavy cardstock, art from henry.

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